VarDrugPub_v2 :   Variant-Gene-Drug Relation Database The Second

  Summary: VarDrugPub_v2 is a database that contains genomic variants and pharmacogenomic information. There are numerous research studies published in PubMed about the association/relationship between drug responses and somatic mutations. We use a deep learning-based text mining technique to identify mutation-gene-drug relations in all the PubMed articles. You can use VarDrugPub at Yes, we know that the description is exactly the same as the VarDrugPub_v1. Currently our team of highly trained monkeys are trying to append more detailed decription. Please wait for more time.


  • Extracted Mutataion-Gene-Drug-Disease relations with PMID and diseases the Second : DOWNLOAD
  • Distant Supervision Set of Mutataion-Gene-Drug-Disease relations : DOWNLOAD


  • Total number of Sentence(with PMID)-Drug-Mutation-Gene-Disease in the data : 170,164
  • Total number of unique Mutation-Drug-Gene-Disease pairs in the data : 27,831
  • Total number of unique mutations in the data : 32,464
  • Total number of unique genes in the data : 6,236
  • Total number of unique drugs in the data : 826
  • Total number of unique diseases in the data : 2,311
  • (Last updated on November 02, 2018)


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Last updated on November 2, 2018